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Originally Posted by Ilovepins View Post
Do you think Dali or Van gough or any other artist would be impressed with the fucker reproducing their work and selling it on? No one complains about that and they make alot more from it than some little shit in a studio ripping of tattoos.
Plenty of people are concerned about Dalí and van Gogh stuff being ripped off, which is why organizations such as DACS exist, actually.
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Originally Posted by phil_kyle View Post
This kid is ripping off stuff left and right...he ripped this from a mate who guested at my shop not long ago...jesus...
OH MY. Just spotted this cupcake with heart cherry pic(phil kyle's post on Pg 3)...seems I've done of those! I had no idea it was somebody else's design, I was led to believe it was drawn up as my friend is a talented designer/artist. Think I posted it here ages ago, nobody mentioned it to be a copy...sorry!!!
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Originally Posted by Jose Lopez
If we just took one second and used it to be inspired or to put our self in those people shoes and learn from them rather than trying to compete I Know we would start to understand how beautiful learning is… For we can learn from even the simplest of men. For the true test of self confidence is having the courage to acknowledge, and to be open to new ideas regardless of their source.


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Classic Art Repro - Masterpiece Reproductions from the Heart of Europe

Guy I was at college with paints "reproductions" of famous paintings for rich idiots. Gets paid very well for it too.
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Default .....

lol oh god this again heh
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HOLY SHIT My god thats just terrible.... LOL!
Gotta laugh at the Numpty who got it though... Well researched!
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Ripping off others in any medium is just a shitty, spineless thing to do, done by cowards and fools. That said, looking at the original Vargas copy in this thread, if I was her I'm not sure I would even be slightly put out. That shit's hilarious, looks nothing like the original - so bad it's laughable. Isn't Vargas a member here? Would be interesting to know how she sees it.
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Originally Posted by soullessmonster View Post
lol oh god this again heh
Yep like herpes it keeps coming back
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