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In an ideal world, it should be as most of the people on here mentioned but my personal thoughts are that most of the general public would run a mile. I think it has more chance of bad business than good.

Just my thoughts
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That's a tough one.

I.I.tyink the reason he thinks this news can spread quickly, is if the client is open to friends/family/Facebook about being HIV+ then when he posts his tattoo and the artist who did it that he could potentially spread the word quicker and cause the uneducated masses to bash the shop. ..
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I think it's a simple business problem.

A. Don't put a sign in the window saying HIV welcome.
B. Maintain client confidentiality and don't discuss their ailments.
C. Don't turn paying customers away.

It's only an issue if you make it an issue. If I had qualms about being tattooed in an establishment that had HIV customers, I'd have qualms about hygiene and wouldn't go there anyway.
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I would have no problem going to a shop that was known to tattoo HIV+ clients.

I would not want to give my business to a shop that turned away HIV+ clients. But if I'm being honest, if there was a particular artist there I really wanted to get work from I'd probably still go.
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Half the people that walk into a tattoo shop wont know themselves what blood borne disease they carry unless they been tested. So its simple same hygenie rules for everyone, thats how u stay safe and yr customers to.
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Otis James
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Don't go to a reputable shop because they have tattooed someone with HIV??????...,, am I reading this correctly?
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You probably already tattoed people who were HIV positive or had Aids. Just because they don't tell you, doesn't mean they are perfectly healthy.

To be honest, if I would hear that someone is being discriminated because of that, I would never attend the shop anymore.
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Actually if anything ... being a reputable shop that tattoos people who are disease positive could be a good thing. Since more people who aren't idiots could say wow they must absolutely HAVE to follow perfect sanitation practices.

Which everyone should do but we know doesn't

However I wouldn't announce it "Hey this dude has HIV and I tattooed him"! Or advertise it . As mentioned, follow proper proccedures
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Originally Posted by MonkeyChick View Post
Why should any other customers need to know anything about other people you tattoo? And how would they find this out?

As far as I'm aware you should be treating every-one as though they have HIV as then you are always protecting every-one involved.

I know the internet can have it's faults, but using this link How Long Does the AIDS Virus Live in the Air? | eHow.com

I found....

According to the John Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education, HIV lives for an average of 30 seconds to one minute once it is exposed to air.


It should be noted that no form of HIV is airborne, and so the virus cannot be contracted through coughing or sneezing.

So there should be no risk to any future customers.
That's only referring to airborne HIV. Blood bound HIV is viable for up to 7 days and can still be transferred upon contact.
The easiest way to denature the virus is to use 70% ethanol.

I'm a scientist and worked with blood samples for many years. I'm not sure of the regulations for the tattoo industry in terms of customer confidentiality, but the medical profession is prohibited from disclosing any details.
Personally I don't think you should advertise or mention publicly that you have tattooed someone with HIV.

As long as you are following the strict regulations on sterility, then there is very little risk to future customers.
With this in mind, I think all tattooists should wear eye protection during any tattooing, but that's a whole other debate.
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People do realise this is a 5 year old thread, right?
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