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Default Pre Tattoo Prep

Title is supposed to say Pre Tattoo Prep

Ive seen that some people sort of pre prep for a tattoo, does anybody have any advice on something's I have read about?

1) using a moisturiser on the area to be tattooed? If this helps how long would you do this before the tattoo?

2) taking ibuprofen before being tattooed, how many minutes/hours would you take this before you tattoo?

3) keeping the area shaved before the tattoo?

Any other pre tattoo prep greatfully accepted

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my prep

bottle of coke and a mars bar

thats it
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i moisturise with cocoa butter leading up to it (apparently it helps) but avoid ibuprofen thins blood
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i just shave the area before i go 4 a session that way we get straight on wiv tattooin nd take a bottle of lucozade
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A can of Red Bull and a mars bar is my pre tattoo ritual.
I know a few folk who do the ibuprofen thing. They say it makes a difference with the pain and helps keep any swelling down. Apparently it doesn't thin the blood. Aspirin is the 1 to avoid for that.
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As above really, i moisturise up till the day of the tattoo and then shave the night before or the morning before (i dont want to pay for the artist to shave me!) a good meal an hour or so before and then a mars bar for the journey and a cherry coke or 2 depending on the duration of the sitting.
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My artist shaves me (currently getting my back done so it's pretty much impossible for me), other than that I just have something to eat and take some time to relax.
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Jelly tots, Bottle of coke and a packet of sandwiches for after. I'm always starving after i've been tattooed.
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I recommend using Solpadeine Max and a large meal prior to tattoo. Lucozade or other high energy drink and choclate/sweets during. A few pints of Guiness with friends afterwards!

Lidocaine didn't work and 4-5 glasses of wine prior made for my worst session yet. AVOID BOOZE!

Oh yeah, I also brought a magazine and a laptop as distractions but I've only ever had 4+ hour sessions, so maybe not necessary for shorter sittings.

Good luck anyways!
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