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Default Getting the Artist you want.

Okay first post. For my potential first Tattoo(s).

I've thought about it for years and finally built up the courage or will or whatever it is you need to want to have several hours of pain in order to adorn my body with a permanent art instilation. More importantly however, I've finally settled on something I want to get Tattoo'd and where. The main thing that held me back all those years.

So, with this in mind. I find myself an Artist. I'm set that the first tattoo which adorns my body will be by this person. Cost/Waiting list etc are irrelevant. One of the reasons I would like this person is because I've researched into their work and I'm impressed and believe this person is more than capable of giving me something to treasure. Another, Rather trivial reason, however for myself quite meaningful, is the country of origin from where this person was born. (Somewhere I'd love to visit and my heart has ties too.)

I find where they are working from and email the studio if its cool to just drop in and talk Tattoo's or if I should book an appointment. Mentioning the name of who I'd like to get it done by out of the handful of artists that also work from the store.

To which my question is ignored and I'm simply asked what I wanted to get done.. Which is fine, I oblige and explain my Tattoo'ing needs. Having no response for a few days I try asking my question again about the posibility of simply dropping in to have a chat about ideas and such or if its best to book in order to chat about them.

The response was, once I had decided on which of the two I wanted I should either..

A) If it is the small tattoo, drop in and have a chat to book an appointment for it.

B) If it is the large back piece I have in mind then call them up and book a consult with (Another Artists Name Here).

To which comes my questions. Being my first Tattoo's I'm really just looking for the best advice on all of this.

Is it normal to have a consult with an Artist that wouldn't actually do the Tattoo'ing? I would guess not. That if I booked for a consult with "X" Artist then "X" Artist would be the one who does the work. I don't want to cause any offence to any of the Artists. They are all great from the work I have seen however I know who I'd like to do my first. Should I simply call in and ask for a consult with the Artist I -do- want to do my Tattoo? Disreguarding the emails or.. Help!

Thanks for any advice in advance
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It's probably best to just pop into the shop and speak to the artist you want directly.

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When I was looking around myself, I found that in some of the larger shops, when you email them you corresponding with some robot office assistant who just gives you cookie cutter answers

When you meet the actual artists most of them are pleasant and passionate, so just go in there in person and try to take the person you want, don't settle for a replacement.
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Thank you for your advice, I think I'll do just that. Maybe call up the day I plan on popping in but just to find out if the artist I want is in that day or not before getting there.

I mostly need advice first, being my first Tattoo's etc. Some questions I have I'm sure only they can answer like price etc. Not that I'm shopping around for the best price, I want that artist and shop to do it no matter the price, I just need to know how much I've got to save up and have left to go before I can go ahead and book to have it done. However...

One design I'm toying with having colour or not, it consists of a heart on the inner right wrist, embelished with wings. If I were to get it simply shaded can colour be added at a later date should I choose to have it coloured or is it best to have it all done in colour right from the start.

My other question which I guess comes down to myself at the end of the day is. Do I go for the smaller wrist tattoo for my first or jump in at the deep end pain wise etc with having the large back/rib Tattoo first?

Thanks again in advance of advice
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If you go for the larger piece-I think you have a better chance of getting your artist. Once an artist is established and successful they often are more into pieces that can challenge and inspire them. They can be picky, and why not, after 'doing their time'of churning out flash and stars etc. Smaller simpler things can be seen as the younger or newer artists job. On the other hand the artist you want may have stopped taking appointments for a while-after all there is only so much work you can take on-a popular artist round our way opens his books only every 6 months or so.
As for shading of the heart-everyone works differently but I would personally say go straight in with the colour if thats what you think you want as you'll get a better result in the end.
artist profile

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also find out what time the studio opens and try and catch them before they start tattooing for the day. I always feel like a pain in the butt when i'm hassling artists when they're working...
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