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Chat Virgin
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Default The Start of my back piece

Hi all i am new!!

This is the start of an abstract/ water color back piece i am going in for another 4 hours Monday!! What do you think?

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Chatter Box
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Not really my thang....but I'm hoping the artist is going to tidy up the LOVE.
To me the outlines don't look solid enough and he's used the same colours to shade the background with as the actual inside of the letters.

I'm afraid that if (s)he doesn't ,you ll just end up with some script with coloured splodges behind it.
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I don't usually like to slag off people's tattoos but in this case, with you being at the very start of a much bigger piece, I strongly urge you not to go back to this tattooist! At least most of it is pale enough that it could easily be covered, and the black script could be lasered.

I really don't like anything about it at all. If you get more from this person it will only look worse and take more time and money to fix. I don't think it's a matter of taste/personal preference - the execution of the whole thing is just horrible.
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I agree, I have seen some fantastic water colour tattoos and they look nothing like yours. It looks pretty bad to me and as Emma says its just the start so seriously think about it It looks like a mess

Here is just a few examples of ones I like!

A map I have made of great artists around the world - http://thebragartlist.mobuapps.london/
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Agree with the others it doesn't look up to parr with other watercolour stuff I've seen. It kinda looks like the artist had a go at it but didn't know what they were doing. I'm guessing that this kind of style is quite tricky to execute correctly.

I wouldn't advise you go back. Find a better artist who might be able to rescue it for you.
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Chat Slut
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have you a reference picture...i'm curious..I also think the artist is outa his depth... think long and hard before you continue with this
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Mmmm yeah a change of artist is in order if you ask me
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Originally Posted by Darchi19 View Post
Mmmm yeah a change of artist is in order if you ask me
i agree
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Chat Slut
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I hate to say it but it doesn't seem like its going to turn out that well, unless the artist has some bigger plan for when you go back, but from the first session it doesn't look to promising, sorry :-/.
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Need To Get Out More!
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Worst tattoo iv ever seen, don't get anymore
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