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Default Frank Tat's Quebec. sketchy work

I had planned for some time to get a horimono (japanese body suit). I found an artist- Frank Tat's. He post lots of pictures on his facebook of really awesome tattoos and awards hes won at conventions. I spent months collecting pictures of tattoos I found very appealing so that I could visually convey the colors, styles, textures I was looking for. Maybe 5-6months later I had my consult and I felt obligated to start the tatto the same day because he kept saying he booked the entire day for me and we'd start today; and telling me about $200 cancellation fee). Anyways I figured this guy was a pro and he knew what he was doing. Horiyoshi III tattoos directly on skin with no drawing or stencil, so it didnt seem crazy to me.
Well from the first day I should have bailed and waited on someone elses list to have the work done. Reason being is he wanted to do the consultation and start the tattoo right after without even drawing anything... It was rushed and very unprofessional- he said he was going to draw me a few and I could decide which I would like.
Anyways, he just finished 17hrs to complete the sleeve.
Yes, there are some parts of the tattoo i really like.
But in a grand scheme of things its really shabby work. Lines which dont look like they should be there in place of shading. Very unbalanced color distrobution throughout the piece- Ive got lots of color on forearm but only red on upper arm.

I think Frank rushed the tattoo because we innitially agreed on $100/hr because he was to do both sleeves and my back; so probably over 100hrs. His normal rate is $150/hr. But as with just about everything else we spoke about (tangent! we agreed on one appointment a week... guy stressed me the fuck out chasing him constantly to get the appointments. After the second session it was two weeks, next was three weeks. Each time I had to argue that we made an agreement to have one each and every week till the sleeve was finished only to have him say "sorry thats all i got now") he forgot this till I showed him the facebook convo were HE made the offer to charge $100/hr; this was at the end of the consult. This, with perhaps the fact hes a hardcore seperatist and Im an anglophone who does not try to speak french. Regardless, I couldnt care less why he did poor work on me... It just looks like a rushed shit. Currently Im on Dave Cummings waiting list to have him try and fix this brand new tattoo.
Anyway, no way in hell will I start my other sleeve and back with this guy. Very unprofessional.
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I had a look at this guys facebook and I'd say that he was overcharging at $100 an hour, let alone $150. Not sure why you went to him in the first place, to me all his work just looks flat and lifeless.
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Postimage.org / gallery - tat1, tat2, tat3, tat4
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