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Exclamation Need to cover a tattoo

Hi, I'm looking for ideas to cover a tattoo. Unfortunately I go a tat years ago of my wife's name. Now my ex wife so have to get something done. Chopping my arm off has crossed my mind
I have attached a photo. My local tattoo parlour suggested a womans face with long hair covering the letters. Just didn't appeal to me. Really need suggestions. Thanks
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My suggestion is to figure out what YOU want tattooed on YOUR body. That you will be happy with. preferably not another woman's name... This is because we all have different tastes in what we like. For example my suggestion would be a women. I have women tattooed on me and I like the beauty in it. . . its not what you like and anyone else's suggestions will be what they like. We could suggest a ship? A big cat? A skull? You need to find out what YOU want. And it may require laser if you truely want a good piece there . laser probably isnt needed if you want a big blob dark mess unless a highly talented artist and even then... Laser would be best ... but at least the name will be covered . best of luck
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Oh a cover up thread! I'll tell you what I tell everyone.

Easy, two massive black panthers.

A sleeve with as many panthers as possible on it would look rad as fuck. This threads made me want to coverup my leg with a load of massive panthers.

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Arrow Need to cover a tattoo

I was interested in getting a guitar or something similar to celebrate my younger brother who died a few years ago. I was told that by doing something like this would look messy.
Black panthers from the last reply would still give me memories of my ex ��
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how about lazering it off? that's going to give you a lot more options and give you plenty of time to decide what you really want, then do your research find an amazing artist and get something awesome
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change your name to Marguerite...

if you don't want to go that far get a cat and name it Marguerite... then you will be looking at something you love....
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Originally Posted by silv View Post
change your name to marguerite...

If you don't want to go that far get a cat and name it marguerite... Then you will be looking at something you love....
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Besides the point but the lettering looks pretty nicely done!

I reckon a guitar would be doable. Maybe bold and trad style, with some big trad roses. Or panthers. It doesn't look too dark anyway, could probably blast it off a bit with a lasering first, but if you went for something dark I reckon it'd cover quite well.
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