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Default New Tattoo Trend?

Creative or trendy?

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I saw a local shop do one of these a while back and I thought it was really cool, now I'm seeing more and more of them so I think we might have a new trend on our hands.
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A map I have made of great artists around the world - http://thebragartlist.mobuapps.london/
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A great way to ruin the potential for a great sleeve! A novelty that will wear off most likely, and the wearer, unless a big fan of the subject, comic books ect, I think will grow tired of it, but a good tattoo is still a good tattoo and at least they are well done.

Any examples of these done really badly?
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I saw a foot version being done in Brighton yesterday.

Too early to tell, but it wasn't shaping up well. I assume that they only really 'work' if viewed from a particular angle, in which case one would be constantly saying "...but if I hold my hand like this, see? Do you see what I did there? Ok, how about if I turn it a bit..."

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Creative, but trendy
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