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Default New addition from Josh Duffy

Now that Josh has posted it , I'd like to share with you guys .

My new addition by Josh Duffy. On my women themed arm.

He's a world class guy, super nice and easy to talk to . Really cares about how his work will heal and listens to the client.

Flew from Pittsburgh to Phoenix . Was a great experience .

Love how it turned out. I couldn't be happier . And josh is just great.

Thanks for looking !
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well he friggin' nailed that one for you man...just beautiful!
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That's a beauty dude, congrats!
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thats a sweet piece indeed. nice one
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shes purdy
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Looks awesome, you must be happy!
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Smashed it! looks awesome, and said in one of the shortest sentences i have seen from you! good work dood, keep it up!
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Looks nice, kinda goes to show if you pick the right artist you get a amazing piece
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can tell instantly its a Josh Duffy piece cant you... Great addition dude
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That really is stunning. Congrats dude, you must be over the moon with that.
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