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Default Need advice about tattoo reworking!


This is a tattoo I got months ago on my calf. I'm thinking about ways to rework it because I'm not completely happy with the line of shading above and below the bug. I'm not looking for a cover up but just a way to make the bug stand out while also improving the shading area.

What do you think about the tattoo? Does anyone have advice on how I could alter the it?

I'd like to keep it black and grey.

Thanks for looking!

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I'm sure someone will be along with better advice shortly. I could be wrong in what as I'm saying as I'm not artist, but you could try to darken the bug itself, while adding some lighter(wite for example) ink around the edges you want to stick out, for example around the legs to highlight them so to put it. This would give a more obvious distinction between its body and it's legs etc while also adding more depth.

As said though, I'm no artist so it's worth finding a GOOD artist and asking them what they can do to help. Someone might even come along and tell you what I've said is wrong and give better advice!
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I think a good artist would be able to fix it pretty easy
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advice needed , black and grey , london , rework

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