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It was a helluva good one but the state of your hip Dave, goodness gracious me!

Hey, this emoji looks a bit like Charles Bronson
IG: tdhine
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*Disclaimer: I couldn't find a gif of the real Charles Bronson, in sunglasses, nodding in agreement, so this was the best I could do.

Instagram: @greeniedavewood
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Originally Posted by DGreenwood View Post
I was hoping it'd be mine
I love yours, but the video of this hannya is so impactful for me. Tbh was really hard choosing 1 tattoo I liked the most from this year.
"Artists are good at art. Telling them exactly what you want handcuffs their creativity and leads to sub par tattoos.

And mediocre artists can't do great tattoos, no matter how great your idea is." -D. Greenwood
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I only got one tattoo in 2018. It brings my grand total to 2.

Chicken Hawk was my nickname in the Air Force. It had to do with my hair all ruffled up.

It was a quick little banger. I went to see some artwork in the shop. Next thing I know, I’m in the chair.
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I love this space tiger collaboration:
Upload a picture easily with Imgur
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