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Default Tattoos after a few years

Hey guys.
At the moment I have two nice sleeves in b&g by quality artists, had one for around 7 years and one for around 5..
I have been tempted to add some color but I worry that after 4-5 years the color will be completely faded, I also live in a hot sunny country.
There are plenty of crapy pictures on google from bad artists which have faded but not any from decent artists.
Can any of you helpful chaps post some fresh vs a few years?
My other option is just to get them touched up a little to make them pop again but I cannot decide which direction to go.
Cheers for any help.
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My full colour sleeve is 4 years old this year. Still bright and strong as ever - greens, blues, browns and reds look like the day they were done. Only colour that may have lost something is the yellow, but there was only a small patch of that.

I do look after my tattoos - moisturise every day and make sure that I put plenty of high-factor sun lotion when on holiday - but as long as I don't think the sun is too strong (i.e. all but the sunniest days in the UK) I will wear short-sleeves with no sunblock.
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Cheers dude, I can get a little lazy with my moisturizing, need to make more effort with that.
Very tempted by the color then..... cheers
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Color will fade over time regardless, but whether that be a couple years or 30 years is up to how you care for them. Sun is the #1 killer to tattoos.
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