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Default Potential Cover Up?


my brother isn't a member here so I'm posting on his behalf...

He has a couple tattoos he now slightly regrets and wonders if there is any chance of getting them covered up?

The designs in my opinion aren't that bad, I just think the positioning of them isn't too good, but I'm not a tattoo artist so my opinion isn't exactly valid here haha!

I have attached a picture of the two tattoos that are close together that he would like to be covered.

It's the NYC Apple and the Eifel Tower (the map and plane on wrist is okay).

Basically he was starting a travel sleeve, but came to the conclusion it'll look bare for a few years until he's been to a lot of places and got the arm covered, also he isn't sure on the positioning and size of the two tattoos (as I mentioned earlier) and would like it if they could be covered, preferably with something that could be made into a sleeve? However this isn't major.

Fully understand it'll have to be dark and a lot bigger than what's currently there.

As for the design of the coverup, unsure, have seen big realistic dark lions, tigers, mandalas, skulls etc and he likes them all.

He's struggling to think of a design as we're unsure if they could actually be covered, or if they'll need lasering prior to covering etc.

Are these possible? What would you suggest?

I've pretty much told him it's a laser job and then get it covered, doesn't seem too keen on that, so any advice from experienced guys or potential tattoo artists would be massive!

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Thank you
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Lasering will always make the cover up easier and open up possibilities. Especially if the goal is to cover with black and grey realism which requires negative space. If it's color realism he's after, it'll be a bit easier.

He doesn't have to laser it all the way off, just lighten it up. Lasering sucks though, so if he doesn't want to do it, just know that it limits the possibilities.

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Picture quality isnít the best but they look like really decent tattoos. Where are you based?
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I would spend that tattoo money on a road trip across Europe and then add the places to the tattoo so it doesn't look as bare
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