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Just checked and it's XenForo
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We'll be doing the move on Monday as mentioned in the forum announcements, it could take a while...

In the mean time user registrations are by admin approval which should prevent any new spammers although there may be a few sleeping spam accounts still registered from before waiting to post
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Originally Posted by davidarthur View Post
The moderation is pretty painless in deleting tons of posts, its more of a nuisance for you guys until we can login and do it.
The rate limiting is an avenue I went down but the mods for that (and most other stuff) is so outdated, incompatible with other stuff so could potentially do more harm than good.
This forum in comparison to the alternatives out there is very dated which is why I'm looking at replacing it instead of putting sticky plasters on it. It'd be nice to make it work better on mobile devices at the same time.
I managed do a full migration to invision board a few weeks ago, it took almost a full weekend to run but seemed to work afterwards. I just need to make all the existing links work and redirect correctly and set some time aside, there'll be some downtime while I migrate. They have much better methods of spammer detection and far better moderation tools built in.
be very careful using invision, i used them a while back and initially it was brilliant, but as soon as they hooked a good few users up, they just completely stopped supporting the software unless you were paying the premium price

and if you are, i would also imagine that these other forum vendors should offer you a migration service as part of the package

i've had to do a few forum migrations over the years, and they very rarely end well when you are moving from one software to another

i could go all techy and boring about the whys, but i dont think people need to hear about databases here

feel free to stick me a PM though, i 'may' be able to help(advise only BTW)
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Move is being moved back to later in the week, new registrations are being manually approved until then so no more spam.
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Originally Posted by InkedJames View Post
Absolute bullshit. Might have to give this place a miss for a while until the admins stop bumming each other senseless and actually do some moderating.
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