Hannah Jayne

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About Me

Hi there, Thank you for checking out my profile.
I am now working in beautiful Bristol, UK.
Previously I worked at Woody's Tattoo Studio in High Wycombe for five years,
O' Happy Dagger Tattoo in Amersham for 3 years & Songbird Tattoo in Exeter for 4 years.

I specialise in Brushstroke Mandalas, Dot-Work, Geometric, Blackwork & Black n' Grey tattooing.

Over the years my style of tattooing has changed. After many years in a walk in studio, I desperately craved a greater level of creativity and independence but lacked direction.
I found inspiration when looking through some old sketches I had created at Life Drawing classes years before.
I began to develop a 'Sketchy' or Illustrative style of tattooing.
Predominately colour, then branching out into combining the loose expressive aspects of my 'Sketchy Style' with the refined and disciplined aesthetic of colour realism. Pop-Culture tattoos where where my enthusiasm resided, largely due to my client base having similar tastes in music and movies to myself.

Fast forward a few years and my style has evolved into a more ritualistic style. This is reflected in my change of instagram handle from 'Hannya Jayne Tattooing' to 'Noble Savage Tattoo'
The sketchy elements are still present with how I approach Mandalas. I prefer working with black and grey, whether dot-work, black work or realism.
I believe this evolution in tattooing style is partly due to relocating to Exeter, where I found Pop-Culture tattooing wasn't popular. Largely it is thanks to my increased interest in Shamanism & Rituals over the years, thinking the two passions would remain separate they soon organically became interwoven.

Which has given me a renewed excitement and enthusiasm for tattooing, body modification & rituals in various cultures and time periods.

For more info:
Instagram: @noblesavagetattoo