Jean Louis Merre

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Working Tattoo Artist


About Me

Moroccan born artist and designer, Jean-Louis Yves Merre, has an exceptional pedigree having worked for some of France’s most prestigious companies and names. With an imagination that is constantly on the move, Jean-Louis has turned his talents in many directions, working successfully as an interior designer and commercial artist in Paris.

He has completed assignments for Vogue, Chanel and Marie Claire and has been closely associated with iconic fashion designer, the late Yves Saint Laurent.

Scores of projects include decorating furniture, replacing famous works of art by the Old Masters, stone and wood carving, sculpting an heraldic fireplace for a castle in the Dordogne and burnishing gold leaf angels and the figure of Christ for a church in Cognac.

Since moving to the Algarve in 2005 Jean-Louis has become well known for his frescoes and remarkably lifelike trompe l’oeil paintings. His decorative collages and paintings have been exhibited in numerous places and are on permanent display as Galeria Corte-Real in Paderne.

Jean-Louis illustrious career changed course when his mother died on December 27th, 2007. As a gesture of affection he recorded the date with a tattoo on the inside of his left arm. This was his first tattoo and, fascinated by the procedure, he decided to learn the technique.

Qualifying as a tattoo artist after six months of training at Lisbon Alkimia, he opened a tattoo studio in Albufeira. “Business became brisk”, says Jean-Louis “so I joined up with a Portuguese tattoo artist, Pedro Vilasboas.

Renowned for his artistic flair, out of 10 tattoo studios in Albufeira 4ever is one of the busiest, often catering for fashion conscious locals. In the summer there are passing tourists but not all of them want a work of art.

When the studio is quieter, Jean-Louis returns to his love of painting. “I’m currently working on an exhibition of paintings of horses,” he explains.