Jesse Smith


About Me

Since the latter part of Jesse's high school years his art has absorbed the inner workings of the urban culture. Jesse's goal has always been to translate his skewed perspective of the world onto paper, canvas, concrete or skin. In 1995 spray paint became his medium of choice. He really enjoyed the fact that he could cover a massive amount of space in a short amount of time. The one thing that attracted him to the graffiti culture was its bent perspectives, tweaked angles and explosive color. As he grew as an artist his influences have broadened and he now draws more from inside rather then from reference.

Over the past 8-10 years Jesse has gathered a lot of inspiration from over analyzing his everyday interactions with people as well as today's political chaos. The frustration he gathers from random situations and present day events have found its way into his art. His overall intent is to produce an analogical mirror of situations that we, as individuals and a country, are faced with on a regular basis. He attempts to do so by putting random, rather innocent looking, characters into situations that he feels the everyday person is faced with in one way or another. His intent is to convey a serious message in a creative, rather lighthearted way.