About Me

My name is Khan. I am a tattoo artist from South Korea. I have been professionally tattooing since 2001.

I never imagined that I would be a tattoo artist until I saw the traditional Japanese tattoo.

Actually, I wanted to be an Architect like Antonio Gaudi.( It is still one of my dreams though :D)
One day I met Japanese Yakuza, who has traditional Japanese tattoo.

It was amazing and inspiring as a piece of art on human's body.
I think that was a turning point in my life.
First I started to practice on my whole body. Then I opened my own studio in Tokyo and became a tattoo artist.
As a foreigner It was not an easy to be a traditional tattoo artist in Japan.
But it has been a decision I had never regretted. Tattooist is the most awesome job in the world.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of color realism and My style called Neo-Fantasy, attending various conventions and doing many guest spots in studios in both Europe and the United States.
I travel a lot and enjoy working with my friends and artists from overseas.

These experiences have been and always will be precious moments of my life.

I am still learning a lot from my works and always think my best art is my next one!
To collect my custom tattoos please contact with me via e-mail :

韓国生まれ。韓国人. 2001年、日本の東京でタトゥーを独学で学び、初代彫韓という名で活動。2004年初めにイギリスのロンドンに渡英。メタル・モホシス、ズル・タトゥーに所属。現在は 国際Tatoo Team"KIDS LOVE INK"に所属されてる唯一のアジア人タトゥーイスト(Khan)として活動中。和彫をはじめ、ウエスタンスタイル全てを得意とするが、個人的には自己流の「ネオ・ファンタジータトゥー」と Portrait Tattooを最も得意とする。2007年~現在イギリスは勿論、アメリカやフランス等...全世界を舞台にして活動中。海外を行き来しながら海外からのタトゥーイストたちを招いて、日本にももっと沢山のタトゥーカルチャーを広めていきたいと思ってます!