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About Me

Hi, I'm Leigh

You've probably already seen examples of my work on this site, so hopefully you've decided I am the tattoo artist to do your next tattoo for you. i hope so! I particularly love portraits and black & grey work, but feel i can exceed your expectations with any style you choose, colour work,oriental, the choice is yours.

In the meantime, a bit about my self...

My first job was back in the eighties in my teens working for Scorpio Tattoo studio in Middlesborough. Al 'the ladies pal' Mclachlan was the one who gave me my break there, and to who I will always be grateful to. Others have helped along the way over the years too, notably John Walsh in Southampton, and Tony Clarke in Gosport (who was tragically killed a few years back, and who we still dearly miss).

I have one main principal.. I will always give my very best on every tattoo, 100% of the time, on that you have my genuine promise.no bull, no hype, your tattoo is the best advert i can have. your trust means a lot to me.

That's pretty much it for now and I look forward to seeing you in the shop soon!

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