Skin Deep 123

I am sitting at my desk in Skin Deep towers looking at the first ever issue of the magazine. Blimey, doesn’t time fly? I have worked out that this issue is will be going out pretty close to eleven years after the first issue hit the newsagents shelves. Eleven years eh? Tattooing has changed in many ways in the last decade and still continues to move onward. Some say for the better, others say it’s got too commercial. For me tattooing is riding on a high and long may it continue. Unfortunately there are organisations that are trying to get a slice of the tattooing pie (HABIA) but tattooists are a very passionate and vocal group of individuals and these fly-by-night organisations should hopefully be put firmly in their place. The one thing this threat has done is to amalgamate many tattooists who wouldn’t necessarily have contact with each other, so I suppose every cloud has a silver lining…

Leafing through the very first issue there are articles with such household names as Tom Ptolomey, Daren Stares, Alan Dean, Low Lowther to name but a few. The issue also featured the first Ink & Iron Convention as well as a show that was held in Colchester. Interestingly enough, this year sees a new convention held in Colchester at the Hippodrome Nightclub on the 18th September. What goes around, comes around I guess.

Over the years there have been different editors, Odgie, Annie, Sally and I feel extremely privileged to be the fourth editor of the UK’s best selling tattoo magazine and I hope I can bring you as good a quality articles and photographs that the previous captain’s of the good ship Skin Deep have brought before me.

I would also like to introduce two new members of the Skin Deep crew. We have a new designer by the name of Gareth who’s a wizard when it comes to all things arty and if you own a tattoo or piercing studio I’ve no doubt that you will be hearing from our new ad girl; Amy. I would also like to thank Arun for all his help over the past year, you’re a star! Here’s to the next eleven years…

This issue includes a free supplement with advice as to what to look for when getting your first ink. It is by now means a definitive guide but hopefully it will highlight some of the issues you should consider before going under the needle. Remember: Information is power!

We have had quite a few emails and letters saying that you are having trouble finding Skin Deep on the shelves in certain areas. If this is the case in your locale you can do one of four things. Contact our distribution manager Henry Smith on 01483 211222 and he’ll be able to tell you where you can get a copy, Order it on-line at:, Subscribe and get the magazine for a reduced price (free t-shirt for direct debit customers) or if you can’t see Skin Deep on the shelf, turn around and ask the newsagent to order it for you and there is no reason why they shouldn’t do this. So now there is no reason for you to miss out.

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