Skin Deep 125


elcome to this month‚s Skin Deep Magazine. Inside you’ll find some superb examples of tattoo art from around the globe. I am still amazed at the sheer quantity of tattoo photographs that land on my desk each week. Some not so good, others absolutely outstanding. What makes a great tattoo and who am I to judge the quality, I hear you ask?

This is a subject that has come up on many an occasion whilst sitting at the bar late at night with various tattooist and tattooed friends. This is a very subjective matter as what I think is good; others may not like quite so much. It really is down to personal choice. Saying that, I’m sure we can all recognise a tattoo that has been done well. Good, even lines, gentle shading, even colour distribution. So we know what is a good tattoo but how and what do we judge them against? Do you think back to the last tattoo that you saw with a similar design? But then we all know that tattoos are a form of self-expression and are as individual as the person wearing the image, so will you have seen another tattoo like it?

I often get asked to judge tattoo competitions at many of the conventions I attend and I am happy to do so. But I can guarantee that after the judging has taken place and the prizes have been giving out that I hear someone saying that ‘so and so shouldn’t have won’ or ‘that piece was better’. And on a couple of occasions I have had artists come up to me after and question why I chose somebody else’s work over theirs.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that tattoos and tattoo art - Indeed all art is subjective, that’s what makes the tattoo world a wonderful place to be in and I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to work within the industry - all be it from a journalistic point of view.

So next time you see a tattoo, look at it from a different perspective and see it for what it is - A living work of art.

To this end we have included in this month’s Skin Deep magazine, a free supplement of 100 favourite tattooists as nominated for by you, the readers of Skin Deep.

It isn’t a ‘who’s the best’ type of list. It is just a directory of some of your favourite tattoo artists. If you see something that you like the look of in the supplement, there will be enough information beside the photo to get you on the track to contacting that artist and who knows? Possibly getting some ink by these talented people.

If you do, send me a photo when it's done eh?


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