Skin Deep 127

Blimey, It’ll soon be Christmas eh? Where has this year gone? I mean it only seems like yesterday that I was trundling through mid-Wales to go to the first Swansea tattoo convention. This was a great start to what was to become a very busy year for me, Skin Deep and tattooing in general. This year there have been more conventions and tattoo related events than ever before proving that the art of tattooing and tattoos have started to become socialy acceptable and recognised as a true art form. I wonder if we are finally becoming accepted as individuals with a right to express ourselves however we like and not the stereotypical thugs and criminals that the media like to portray us as?

Not only have there been a plethora of conventions in Great Britain, but overseas have seen a rise in the tattoo show scene too, which is really encouraging.

We’re not all selfish individuals either and many of you put your hands deep into your pockets over the past year and swelled the coffers of quite a few different charities. I mean the Durham and Peterlee conventions made in excess of five thousand pounds for worthy causes let alone what some of the other shows did.

As well as the ups in the tattooing world, there have been the lows too. The British tattooing world lost a very good embassador by the name of Tony Young, Tony was a real character and a great chap to be around. He will be sadly missed by all that knew him. 

Other show of note that stick in my mind were the State of the Art in Derby and Mantra conventions, both proving that there is still room for the big shows in this country.

This year also saw the first London Tattoo Convention held in Brick Lane. This show hosted nearly one hundred and fifty of the world’s best tattooists over three days in what has been hailed as a great success.

You’ll also notice that this issue is quite a bit heavier than normal. We have increased the pagination to a massive one hundred and sixteen pages to include loads more events and features to bring you profiles on some of the best tattooists and tattooed people on the planet.

Next month’s issue will include the famed Skin Deep Calendar with dates and details of most of the major tattoo events in this country and abroad as well as all of the regular features that you have come to expect from the UK’s best selling Tattoo magazine. It’s you, the readers who are the lifeblood of the magazine so keep your tattoo photographs, anecdotes and gossip coming in.


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