Skin Deep 128

Well this is the last issue of Skin Deep for 2005 and what a year it has been. We have seen the rise and fall of a body of  ‘professionals’ trying to poke their noses in where they were firmly not wanted. HABIA are an organisation that tried to enforce regulations on the tattoo industry having no prior experience within the trade. They were met with some serious opposition from tattooists, who consequently formed a tattooing union (TPI). The good news is that HABIA have finally decided that it was time to stick to regulating the hairdressing industry and have backed down from having anything to do with the ancient art of tattooing in this country.  All I can say is a massive well done to all the tattooists and individuals that got involved with the setting up of the TPI and who lobbied HABIA on what was a very serious threat. It was these outspoken individuals who have basically saved the tattooing profession from being over regulated into extinction. Who says a collective voice has no volume eh? 

Now that this threat has gone, there’s no need to become complacent so log on to and have a look at the benefits of joining this dedicated tattooing union.

Next year there are more tattoo conventions than ever before in this country and to accommodate this and all the other tattoo related articles, Skin Deep will be producing thirteen issues from next year. That’s a whole extra issue! Previously, we have had some months where SD covered a four-week period and others run over five weeks. We have streamlined this so from next year there will be a brand spanking new Skin Deep (and many Free supplements!) every twenty eight days. 

To help you plan your diary for next year we have included a free Calendar with some of the dates for next years shows included in it. Obviously not everybody has firm dates for their conventions at the time of going to press, but we will endeavour to keep you informed and up to date on the entire convention goings on as well as loads of news and gossip from the tattooing world.

I would just like to say thanks and a very colourful Christmas and New year to all the Skin Deep staff and contributors and anyone else who has sent photos of their work, dropped off snippets of information and to all of you for reading the magazine over the past year. Skin Deep wouldn’t be the same without you.

Have a good one.


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