Skin Deep 129

Welcome to this, the first of thirteen issues of Skin Deep for this year. As I briefly mentioned last month, Skin Deep will now be issued every twenty-eight days. Also every other month we will be bringing you extra supplements to go with the magazine, covering all aspects of tattooing and body modification. 

Whilst planning this year’s magazines and special supplements it got me to thinking that we in this country are extremely lucky to have such a thriving and vibrant tattooing industry – Despite the best efforts from some corners to regulate an already self-regulated industry. Although we are still frowned upon in certain ‘mainstream’ circles, tattooing has been receiving some good press for a change and that can only be a good thing. So this year looks to be a cracker with a plethora of conventions to choose from and some new, previously unknown tattoo artists coming to the fore, giving us all far more choice of design and style.

Here’s to the new year!

A Word of Warning to Tattooists and Studios

I have just a had a worrying phone call from Carl ‘Cooky’ Cooke from Artful Ink in Durham about a recent phone call he received from a company called ‘Milton Keynes Journal Limited’ They phoned asking if Carl would like to take out an advert with them. The odd thing is that the girl on the phone said she had links with Skin Deep Magazine. Carl’s good lady declined the advert and put the operator through to Carl (who was away at the time) and the girl immediately asked Carl for his credit cards details as she said he had booked the ad!

Obviously not very pleased about this Carl was transferred to another chap from this company who proceeded to get rather nasty and threatened him with court proceedings if he did not pay. (I’ll leave it your imagination as to what Carl’s reply was) This is a condensed version of the events but you can see what this company are trying to do.

Skin Deep DO NOT give out any personal details to any third party companies and we DO NOT recommend studios to other publications. 

So the ‘Milton Keynes Journal Limited’ is NOTHING what so ever to do with Skin Deep or Skin Shots magazines. The only people who may contact you are myself - the editor, Amy – The REAL advertising girl, or somebody from accounts. If you are in any doubt, please give me a call on: 01244 663400 ext 312

Obviously this company are using our name as a reputable publication to help them sell advertising space.

So please be very careful if any one other than the above mentioned Skin Deep folk contact you as they use very strong selling tactics and could catch the unwary studio or tattooist out.

Be careful out there!


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