Skin Deep 130

What is it with large corporations that still manages to look down on tattooist/tattooees in such a way as to say ‘We don’t want your sort ‘around here’? A case in point is this year’s Granite City Convention. I was only talking to Piper Jim -the main organiser - the other day and he was all happy and saying that the show was looking to be another great one. He then phoned me back a few days after to say that this year will be the last Aberdeen show for a while. 

Why you ask? Well, the hotel where the convention is held had changed hands. So the new owners have decided to rip out much of the old interior and give the place a bit of a ‘spruce up’.

So now the hotel has had its face-lift the likes of you and me will not be welcome in the hotel after this year. I find this incredible that these denizens of high industry can decide to exclude us just because we have coloured ink etched into our skin and bits of high-grade steel inserted through our bodies.

Apparently the hotel is looking for a more ‘mainstream’ clientele. The fact that at last years show (and a far as I have been told for all the Granite City conventions), there have never been any trouble and the various bars in the venue were taking a staggering £2000 plus over the bar. Nearly EVERY hour!

How many wedding parties and barmitzva's will they need to book to take that sort of money? And I’m sure we’ve all seen a fight at a wedding reception?

I suppose I shouldn’t get upset when I come across this sort of thing as it must happen nearly every day if you are inked, but for Piper Jim, Rose, Ian, Shonagh, Gordon and all the other behind the scenes crew, it must be a crushing blow.

So what do we do? We go to the Granite City convention and have a bloody good weekend with some of the nicest people I have ever met and make this years show an even more memorable one than last years. If that’s possible…

The Granite City Convention: The Douglas Hotel, Aberdeen. 01244 780737

You will find the small pictorial review of Aberdeen and all the other British tattoo conventions in our free ‘Show revue of 2005 with this month’s Skin Deep. It’s just a little taster of what went on and where to give you a feel of the very vibrant British tattoo scene. Wherever possible we have included this year’s dates and venues. Obviously, some people are still in the planning stages and didn’t have dates at the time of going to print, so keep an eye out in the Tattoo Tour section at h back of every Skin Deep Magazine.


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