Skin Deep 132

I have mentioned in previous editorials that the convention scene in the UK is blooming with more tattoo conventions taking place than ever before, which proves that tattoos are still as popular as ever. I’ve noticed that there seems to be a cycle to the UK conventions. A show will run for a certain amount of years, then will cease for some reason or other but rather than leaving a gap, another convention will take its place, keeping the convention calendar topped up keeping the tattoo scene vibrant and fresh – like many of the designs we chose to wear on our bodies. 

This year an old favourite will be making a welcome return to the convention calendar. The Great North Tattoo and Body Art Exhibition, a show that ran for over seven years under the guidance of Geordie Scott. Geordie has handed over the reigns to someone who is no stranger to the tattoo show scene himself. Carl Cooke, he of Artful Ink Tattoo Studio and organiser of the famed Durham Tattoo Party will be reviving the Great North Show. So you can guarantee that with Carl and his gang behind the scenes, the show will be a huge success. 

The date for this new venture will be Sunday the 27th of August. The venue is the Northumbria University Students Union in Newcastle. Doors will open at midday and close at eleven pm. The venue is smack in the city centre, so there is easy access to all amenities. 

Skin Deep wishes Carl and the gang all the best with this revival of a great tattoo convention. For more details call 0191 3779190 or log on to:

See you there.

This month’s Skin Deep has a plethora of top artist interviews and some jaw droppingly good tattoos that will hopefully give you some inspiration for that next piece of ink or indeed, provide you with that gentle nudge into going under the ‘needle’ and the joining the world of the colourful.

And not to leave out those who like to go a little further than tattoos, we have added a sixteen page-piercing supplement. In this you’ll find an a-z listing and description of some of the more common place piercings, a great interview with Samppa Von Cyborg and Baawo Bee - two extraordinary body modifactors and creators of The Psycho Cyborgs Freak show and there is an in-depth look at Manchester’s top piercing and body modifactory studio; Holier Than Thou.


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