Skin Deep 133

I’ve just had news that there are new tattoo studio laws afoot. Piper Jim, from the Granite City tattoo convention has informed me that whilst trying to organise his convention in Aberdeen, he was contacted by the Scottish Government telling him that new laws governing tattoo studios in Scotland will come into force as of the first of April (no, not an April fools prank). All studios in Scotland will have to apply for a new licence to tattoo. As well as this new licence the powers that be have decided to introduce some extra rules as to how studios should be laid out. So by the time you read this, our cousins in the North of the country will have to have a separate waiting/reception area, a completely enclosed from the public tattooing and piercing room/s. Within each tattooing/piercing room there must be hot and cold running water with non-hand operated taps, paper towel holder, first aid kit, single use needles plus all the usual hygiene equipment found in any good tattoo studio.

All this sounds pretty good as anything to raise hygiene standards in studios should be a good thing. The problem facing all tattooists is the cost. So far I have heard that the cost of this license varies depending on where your studio is based. For example Stix and Kev from Draconian Tattoo studio in Aberdeen have had to pay £200 EACH for the new licence where as Ian from Comedian Tattoo in Bathgate, West Lothian coughed up £170 for his, and the licence applies to each person working in a studio. 

The reason for this new licensing law is supposedly to stop scratchers working from home and in unlicensed premises. Surely these people who are working from their bedrooms etc aren’t going to confirm to these new laws, let alone come up with the cash? 

Call me an old cynic but just sounds like the 

Scottish Government using the tattooing industry as a new cash cow. 

Jim who first brought this to my attention has just had to fork out an extra £80 per artist for temporary licenses for his convention. As you can understand this seriously eats into any profits that might be raised but also could limit artists choosing to work at a Scottish convention in the future. These laws will also apply to not only tattooists and piercers but also acupuncturists and hairdressers who pierce ears with a gun.

Oh, and the news is that these new laws are apparently coming over the border to England in the not so distant future.

Best start saving then…



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