Skin Deep 136

I have literally just got of a plane after spending a superb weekend in Norway at Phil Butterworth’s Arctic Tattoo Convention and apart from being one of the best conventions I’ve had the pleasure of attending it has reminded me just how tattooing is a universal language. Everyone there was there for tattoos, whether getting some new work added to their growing collection or getting their first piece of ink from one of the talented artists working the show, they all had a common interest – tattoos.

No matter where you go in the world, if you have an interest in body art, you will find that tattooed folk have an uncanny knack of finding each other. From the guy who booked my suitcase in at Oslo airport, who saw the tattoo stickers on my baggage and proceeded to show me his sleeve of bright new school work, to the guy walking his dog along the harbour front in Tromso who was real proud of his Popeye anchors on his forearms.

I had a great chat with both these guys about tattoos and many more on my travels. That’s one of the great things about tattooing – it breaks down barriers and you don’t need to speak a foreign tongue to communicate with others.

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the next Skin Deep to read the report on the Arctic Tattoo Convention in Norway, issue 137 on sale 28th July.

As you may have noticed Skin Deep now produces thirteen issues a year so obviously there has to be one month where you get two issues and July is that month so you won’t have to wait too long for your next issue of the UK’s best selling tattoo magazine. Good Eh?

This month as well as a packed magazine with tattoo art from the four corners of the globe, we have included a ‘beginners guide to tattoos’. So if you are thinking of getting you first piece of ink or if you know someone who is contemplating going ‘under the needle’, pass the supplement on. It’s full of tips and advice as well as things to look for when getting your first tattoo, including top tips from the experts themselves – the tattooists.

I hope you enjoy the magazine…


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