Skin Deep 137

I was talking to a friend who works in one of the big supermarkets the other day and he said that during of his ‘fag breaks’, the conversation in the smoking room got around to that subject of tattoos. Now my mate doesn’t have any tattoos - yet - but he is keen to see what is out there and is still looking the right artist, so his interest was aroused by the chat. It was the usual sort of talk: ‘I’ve got a tattoo’ ‘What have you got?’ ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ sort of thing and it soon became obvious to him that nearly everyone in the smog filled room had at least one tattoo. So he decided to do a straw poll and asked all present if they had any tattoos. Out of the twenty-six people in the smoking room, the only person not to have any form of ink work was - my mate.

Now I found it amazing (and encouraging!) that in such a small room, all but one person had had a tattoo. It just goes to show that tattoos and tattooing really is becoming the ‘norm’ or at least becoming acceptable in today’s society. 

All we have to do now is to now is to educate those who may be contemplating their first tattoo or who are even slightly inquisitive to the art of tattooing. Us tattooed folk owe it to ourselves to steer these people to getting the best possible tattoo first time around, so they are proud to show off their ink and will wear it with pride forever and with no regrets.

After all, the world will be a much more colourful and friendly place with more quality tattoos on show!

My friend has since found ‘his’ tattooist and is pleased as punch with his new tattoos and has big plans for many more…

I hope you enjoy this month’s offering of some of the best tattoo photos/articles the tattooing world has to offer.


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