Skin Deep 139

Welcome to another edition of Skin Deep, packed with a mouth-watering selection of tattoos and tattoo related articles form across the globe. I know this sounds like we’re blowing our own trumpet about the magazine but we have recently had our best selling issue in the twelve year history of Skin Deep.

We can’t claim all the glory - that would just be plain greedy - a huge percentage of Skin Deeps success goes to you – the readers and tattoo artists. You all deserve the credit for making the tattooing industry such a rich and colourful world to be involved in. If it wasn’t for the vivid imagination and foresight you have when it comes to the designs you wear, we’d all be wearing the same patterns and that would never do. 

Equally a massive thanks goes out to all the extremely talented men and women that actually put our thoughts and inspirations into a living, breathing work of art. Every month I am astounded and amazed at the shear inventiveness and versatility of the hundreds of tattooists that send me examples of their work. You guys are responsible for putting peoples ideas into fruition, sometimes under a lot of stress and my hat goes off to you all.

Again, Skin Deep wouldn’t be the UK’s best selling tattoo magazine without the talented contributors who submit the fascinating tattoo related articles every month. These guys make the magazine as colourful and varied as the articles they submit.

We’re not arrogant enough to believe we know all the answers, so if there is something you would like to see (or not) in the magazine, please get in touch. We are constantly on the look out for new tattoo photographs; so if you’ve had a new piece of ink done and want to show it off, send it in. Also if you are a tattooist and want to showcase your work, we want to see examples too.

Anyway, enough of the crowing, I hope you enjoy this month’s offering of just a small selection of the wonderful talents that the tattooing world has to offer.


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