Skin Deep 140

Blimey, it’ll soon be Christmas. It’s got to that time of year when there aren’t any more tattoo conventions in this country, folk are going back to their tattooists for the start of a new piece of work or getting that long- awaited tattoo finished off, ready for next year’s show circuit.

I have been talking to many tattooists who are finding that there isn’t really a closed season for getting ink these days. A while back winter was a little bit quieter for many artists but not so now it seems. Whether this is a reflection on the tattoo scene in general or people are starting to get their ink done over this period so it’s all healed and looking awesome for the following year. Either way you look at it, it can only mean one thing, that tattooing is becoming more popular – always a good thing in my eyes.

I have recently been asked to go on the TV to talk about tattoos, “Yeah, well that’s his job”, I hear you say. Well I suppose it is but when they asked me to go in front of the camera and talk about Angelina Jolies’ tattoos, I was a bit confused. Yes, I can talk about the meaning behind and the history of certain types of tattooing ‘till the cows come home but they wanted me to specifically talk about why she had had these symbols etched into her skin. Erm, forgive me for being a little slow here, but surely if you want to find out about a certain persons reasoning behind their tattoos, should you not ask them in person? Still, I was more than happy to chat about the one subject that we all hold close to our hearts – Tattoos. Anyway, I think Ms Jolie was unavailable for an interview and I am much, much cheaper, if not so aesthetically appealing to the audience!

This month’s free supplement is the culmination of some really hard work by the incredibly talented tattooists that frequent the Skin Deep on-line forum. The idea was fist hatched by Phil Kyle, who cajoled and bullied lots of the other artists into taking some time off from their busy schedules to send in some copies of their flash. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit all the entries into the supplement but rest assured, the one’s that have been omitted will grace the pages of future Skin Deep issues.

I want to thank Phil and everyone else that made the effort to get their pens and pencils out to contribute to the Forum Flash supplement.

Cheers all!


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