Skin Deep 143

These days there’s no getting away from technology. If you go to any tattoo convention, you will see more and more laptop computers on attending artists desks, all displaying their past tattoos and designs. The days of folk having to leaf through books of flash and photos are starting to disappear. All you need to do now is stand back and watch a PowerPoint display of your chosen artists portfolio.

With this leap in technology in mind Skin Deep and its sister magazine Skin Shots International have decided to go digital to compliment the printed issues. 

By the time you read this editorial, you will be able to log on to website and download the latest copy of Skin Deep to your computer to keep forever. You’ll get the whole magazine, supplements, ads and all and you’ll have the ability to zero onto a particular page or photo and zoom in real close without loosing any picture quality. In fact as it will be digital, the images will appear sharper than the printed copy.

Skin Deep Digital will not be web based and will be a self-contained file so you can download your copy to say, a USB memory stick or iPod then pop it into your lap top and read Skin Deep where ever you like. On the train, in the office, anywhere!

Also available will be back issues of both Skin Deep and Skin Shots international ready to download at the click of a button to your PC or lap-top.

If you are struggling to find a gift for a loved one you can buy gift vouchers redeemable on the website for however many issues that your voucher will allow.

Skin Deep and Skin Shots magazines will still be printed every four weeks (that’s thirteen issues a year!) and bi-monthly for Skin Shots, if you like something tangible in your hands and the digital version will be available on the same ‘on sale’ date as its printed counterpart.

We are hoping that Skin Deep Digital will make the magazine a global product giving more of our overseas readers the chance to get the latest Skin Deep and Skin Shots on the same day as our British readers and as there will be no postage costs, It will be a lot cheaper for all foreign readers, typically £1.97 instead of £11.00 for somewhere like say, Japan.

Sounds like a real bargain to me…


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