Skin Deep 149

At the end of each month, just before we send Skin Deep to the printers, there is always one last job to do that can be a real pain. It’s writing the editorial text that you are reading now. Yeah, it’s fine if there’s something to write about. I mean, if there’s been a particularly juicy tattoo story or there’s been an innovation in the tattoo industry – a bit like when Habia raised its ugly head, I had editorials coming out of my ears with various bits of information to pass across to you, the readers. But some months it’s a ‘No news Month’ and this got me thinking that maybe the professional tattooists among you might be able to help. Obviously my job is to keep my ear to the ground when it comes to all things tattoo but I’m not working from a tattoo studio, I’m stuck for the most part of my job in a small dimly lit office in the middle of nowhere. Obviously, I am let out on occasions to visit studios, conventions and the like, but you guys really are in the front line of the tattoo industry and as such. I thought it might be a nice idea – and hopefully an interesting read if any tattooists fancied submitting some news about what has happened in your neck of the woods. 

You could talk about anything that’s happened in your studio, an interesting or funny story about the customers, even a piece of fiction or anything that you feel strongly enough about to put pen to paper and I’ll do my best to publish it. Hey, you never know if I get enough, I might even make it a regular feature in Skin Deep.

In this months Skin Deep magazine you’ll find a sixteen-page supplement on 100 favourite artists. This is a list compiled by you, the readers. It’s not meant to be a definitive ‘Who’s the best’, it is just a list of artists that you felt deserve an extra mention and I have included some photos and current information so that if you like the look of there work, maybe get a piece by these amazing artists.



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