Skin Deep 150

Welcome to issue 150 of Skin Deep. One hundred and fifty issues eh? Who’d have thought from Skin Deep’s humble beginnings as a page or two of tattoos in what was, at the time, the best custom bike magazine in the country – AWoL, a full blown tattoo magazine would appear? The first few pages of tattoos were so popular with the readers that an extra page was added from time to time, until Skin Deep was published as a stand alone magazine under the wing of Plan Z in Knutsford. The rest they say is history....

Skin Deep has grown from it’s one or two pages in AWoL into the UK’s best selling tattoo magazine. It’s success can be attributed to you, the readers and to the artists who send in their work regularly, Because without you lot continually pushing the boundaries of what can be tattooed and constantly coming up with new innovative designs, things would have stood still in the tattooing industry.

Also all the folk who have contributed to the articles and photographs that make for a very interesting read, so a huge thank you to you all for making Skin Deep what it is today.

And as such Skin Deep is on the increase. As we are selling more and more magazines each month, I need some help! On page 7 of this month’s magazine, you’ll find an advert for an editorial assistant to help me with the day to day running of both Skin Deep and Skin Shots International Magazines. If you think that you fit the criteria and fancy working for Skin Deep, get your CV into me by the 10th of September. Best of luck to all.

As well as an editorial position, Skin Deep is looking for a sales person to help with the running of Skin Deep’s first ever tattoo convention. Next year we will host Tattoo Jam ( in Sunny Llandudno in North Wales ( over the weekend of the 1st-3rd August.

We have lots of plans for this show including some big international names attending. As well as lots of other things up our sleeves, so bring your buckets and spades for a weekend of sun, sand, sea and tattoos. More will be revealed nearer the time or log onto for constant updates. It’s going to be a good one!


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