Skin Deep 151

At the time of writing this I have just got back from the Great North Tattoo show in Newcastle. Not only was this a very good show, growing from a single day to a two-day convention but I was struck by the friendliness of everyone I met. From the organisers and event staff to the tattoo fans that came through the Skin Deep photo studio or filtered past the merchandise stand, all had smiling faces and took the time to stop for a chat. Okay, we all go to conventions for different reasons - some to get new work, others to see what is going on in the tattooing world or check out new faces on the scene and some who go just for the fun and high jinks that can be had at a tattoo convention. The thing that struck me at the Great North was just the general ‘happiness’ in the air. I know Geordie folk have a constant cheerfulness, but something just felt ‘right’ at the show and it seemed that everyone attending felt this too. The weekend may not have been the busiest show but it was by far the happiest and this gave me renewed vigour for the rest of this years shows. Get yourself up to Newcastle next year for the show. You won’t be disappointed.

This month we have some great tattoo features for you to cast your eyes over. We have some in-depth interviews with three of Japan’s premier tattooists: Horioshi III, Horimyo and Horiren. All three are keeping the traditions of Tebori tattooing alive and well. The retired cruise liner Queen Mary hosts a huge tattoo convention each year and we have some great coverage of this show as well as the latest photographs from the Great North Tattoo Convention in Newcastle there is an interview with Mike Ledger – A big name in the US tattooing world who has put the bright lights of city tattooing behind him to concentrate on his art in the peace and tranquillity of Hawaii. We also bring you the second part of the Derby State of the Art convention photos as we just didn’t have enough room in last month’s magazine, such was the quality of the tattoos, plus much, much more besides.

Also included in this issue is a sixteen-page supplement exploring the coalition between tattoos and the biking fraternity. Both have gone hand in hand together since the first leg was thrown over a motorcycle and tattooing and biking are still seen as a signs of rebellion and individuality. As such, there are many shows that offer both as attractions as the two subjects blend together perfectly.



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