Skin Deep 152

Aren’t Mums nice? My Mum is a genteel, silver haired lady who is not too keen on tattoos. I often get the ‘what have you had done now?’ question when I get to see her but she can and does appreciate that tattoos are a form of art. Recently she came to see me and brought a very interesting snippet from one of the Sunday newspapers. As I mentioned earlier my Mum isn’t a fan of tattoos but even she was annoyed by the blatant stereotyping of the journalist. The article was from one of those gossip columns, written for people who just have to know what the stars of today are up to. Anyway, the piece was about the recent plight of the very talented (in my opinion) Amy Winehouse, and the article went on to speculate about her current drug/alcohol problems but the journalist decided to give the readers her opinion about tattoos.

I quote; “I felt physically sick at the sight of those pictures of Amy on the beach with her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, with her body scrawled on like a used cocktail napkin. What does it say about a women’s self-esteem when she treats her body like a doodling pad? Tattoos are as good an indication of self-loathing as any and even more so on a woman. Why on earth would you want to permanently scar yourself like that? Tattoos are ugly, they’re tacky, look cheap and they last forever.”

As you can imagine and I’m sure yours will be too, my blood boiled over. Where the bloody hell does this (female) journalist get off on saying that all women with tattoos are cheap, tacky and self-harmers? 

I seriously doubt if this ‘professional’ journalist has ever seen a Bob Tyrrell portrait, a wildlife scene from Tom Renshaw, a piece of colour abstract art from the machine of Guy Aitchison or the hundreds of incredible tattoo ‘ARTISTS’ who are constantly pushing the boundaries of their trade. 

Again it just goes to show that all tattoos in the ‘Dailies’ are seen as marks of either a misspent youth, a sign that you have criminal tendencies or you are a social misfit. When are they ever going to publish pictures of good tattoo work? Recently we featured a young lady who used to self-harm by cutting herself and has found relief in the tattooing process. If she feels that she is getting to the stage of harming herself she gets tattooed as a form of therapy. Equally, there are plenty of women who find getting tattooed over a mastectomy scar makes them feel womanly again.

I know of many, many men and women who find peace and happiness in tattoos and getting tattooed and why shouldn’t they? It’s their body at the end of the day and wearing your art on your skin shouldn’t make one iota of a difference as to how you do your job or live your life.

I will of course send the journalist in question a copy of Skin Deep to hopefully educate her about the living art form that is tattooing. Judging by her comments, I feel she may have already made up her own mind.

Amy Winehouse has recently won a MOBO award for her music. Not bad for a ‘tacky, self-harming’ woman with no self esteem eh?


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