Skin Deep 153

Here at Skin Deep, we are constantly trying to educate non-tattooed folk that tattoos are a form of art and that tattoo wearers are not a bunch of uneducated social misfits. If you read last month’s editorial, I took great offence to a daily newspapers comments about Amy Winehouse and her body art, basically saying that any women that wears tattoos is a self-harming weirdo. This month I came across an interesting press release from the website Friends Reunited. According to their information, ninety seven percent of the half a million members find tattoos a turn off when it comes to romance.

I quote: ‘Tattoos might look clever and a bit artistic in the kind of world that footballers, pop singers and other celebrities move in, but genuine love-seekers should beware of copying them.

When it comes to what everyday people find sexy and attractive, the evidence is that revealing a tattoo on your next date could well have the opposite consequence to the one you intended’.

Sorry, but personally and I’m sure I speak for every reader of Skin Deep, I find tattoos incredibly attractive and in the right situation and placement very sexy. I can think of nothing more erotic than a well-placed and well-executed tattoo on a woman. The more tattoos the better as far as I’m concerned. I feel that tattoos enhance the female form, not detract from it. Many people, both men and women, that I speak to also find that wearing tattoos makes them feel more special and can make some more at one with their bodies.

Anyway, this rather strange press release mentions how much the Friends Reunited members hate tattoos. Does this mean that tattooed fans don’t need to go to a website to find romance and enjoy a far better success rate when it come to finding a partner?

Basically this says to me if you want to find love, get a tattoo!


As you may already know, the position of Editorial Assistant has been now been filled. With Skin Deep’s continued growth, I needed some help and that has arrived in the shape of Alex Guest. Alex is a huge tattoo fan, he can spell, play guitar and even make a half decent cup of tea. 

You’ll meet him in person at the first show of next year and many after that.

I’m sure you will join me in welcoming Alex to the team. 

Does that mean I get to go on holiday now?



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