Skin Deep 155

Recently I wrote an editorial about a miss-informed journalist who decided to form her own opinion about Amy Winehouse’s tattoos (Skin Deep 152). This person had made their mind up that Ms Winehouse was seriously deranged and an obvious self-harmer as she chose to get a plethora of tattoos on her body. Apart from being a very arrogant view, had this journalist actually spoken to Amy about her tattoos? Apparently not. I then saw the same journalist on TV on the show ‘Have I Got News For You’ and she again she came across as an over- opinionated bore. I’m not having a go at this person as they obviously know more about tattoos than the rest of us (or so they seemed to think) but after the publication of my editorial I received lots of newspaper clippings from eagle-eyed Skin Deep readers. 

The one common aim of these articles seems to be to warn folk from the ‘Dangers’ of tattooing. I’m sorry, the dangers of tattooing? The last time I looked the health and safety side of tattooing was better than it has ever been and is improving constantly as artists are becoming more and more aware of blood borne pathogens and the like. Another subject that keep rearing its ugly head seems to be that the writers of these columns all have the opinion that most tattooed people have mental issues.

Here is a quote from a piece in the Daily Telegraph:

“Robbie William’s ever-increasing tattoos are less an expression of personal body art than a semaphored message of help to his fans in general and his psychiatrist in particular.”

Well I’m sure Robbie would beg to differ about this. Robbie’s work has all been done by some highly respected and talented tattoo artists and not some back street scratcher. He clearly has done his research not only into the designs but also into who he felt could put his ideas into a living piece of body art.

We all have tattoos for a whole host of reasons and agreed, some folk have deep down psychological reasons behind their ink, others, myself included, get tattoos from people we respect and admire. Again some just like the designs, end of story. Unfortunately some shop for their tattoos by price, which is a really bad idea. ‘Good tattoos aren’t cheap and a cheap tattoo isn’t good’ goes the old adage. 

Getting back to the point about these articles is the scaremongering that is going on. Unfortunately many people actually believe and form their opinions and ideas from these newspapers rather than look into the subjects touched by these articles properly. All you have to do is go to any newsagents and you will find a myriad of titles dedicated to particular subjects, such as tattooing. Again these days there can’t be a single newspaper office without access to the Internet so there should no excuse for these misinformed editorial comments that are sadly helping to colour people’s opinions of tattooing in general.

At the end of the day do tattoos actually hurt anyone else? Live and let live, that’s what I say.

My favourite tattoo quote of all time is still, ‘The only people who have a problem with my tattoos are those who don’t have any’.

Enough said I think...


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