Skin Deep 156

2008's first convention is already done and dusted, and we bring you the best of Brighton's premier event. Whilst in Brighton, we also managed a full profile of Phil Kyle's new Magnum Opus Tattoo studio and introduce you to his very talented team. Electric Pick works alongside Uncle Allan at Conspiracy Inc in Denmark and turns out some really bold and strong cartoon-influenced new skool work. He talks to us about his travels, his tattoos and his desire to be a truly original artist. Osaka's Chopstick Tattoo produces some of the most original and varied ink in the whole of Japan, and with such a colourful roster of artists on board there's plenty to talk about! Vincent Castiglia is a master purveyor of dark and decadent works of art, and recently received some rather exciting news from HR Giger. The proprietor of Omega Tattoo in Brooklyn NYC, Vincent draws his influence from many sources and amalgamates surreal subjects with his vibrant visions. Prague's beautiful city again plays host to the annual tattoo convention, and 2008 will be its 10th anniversary! We have full coverage of this varied and exciting event. Léa Vendetta, now a resident of Florida's Key West, shows us her extensive collection of tattoos and also lets us see what she can do with a tattoo machine herself… And finally, our Show Lookback supplement provides you with the best bits of 2007's conventions and is sure to get you geared up for this year's events.

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