Skin Deep 157

When I took over the mantel of Skin Deep magazine, I came under a certain amount of pressure from many UK tattooists. The reason for this was that Skin Deep had decided to run tattoo supply adverts for the first time in its history.

Tattoo supply adverts have for a long time been a bone of contention with tattooists, with many holding the view that trade adverts have no place in a public magazine.

One of the many reasons behind this is that it has been known for some companies to sell tattoo supplies to the general public.

The ramifications of this are obvious. There are more and more un-registered – and therefore illegal - tattooists working from home with no thought or care for their client’s safety with regards to sterility and blood-borne diseases. Most of these ‘scratchers’ are not properly trained and can scar an individual for life with sub-standard work. 

Back to the plot. As I said, many tattooists disagreed about Skin Deep running these adverts and it has been a constant fight to keep these ad pages to a minimum. 

But the good news is...

As of issue 158, (on sale 8th April), Skin Deep will cease to run trade supply adverts.

I have campaigned for four years to have these adverts removed and as Skin Deep is the market-leading tattoo magazine in the UK, it has a responsibility to the tattooing industry and I hope that this is the next step to achieving this. 

The industry needs to be seen to be professional in its attitude, especially with so much mainstream newspaper and press coverage at the moment. We need to show these people that tattooing is a passionate industry and one that has developed over the centuries to become a living, breathing art form.

If you feel strongly about this subject there is a petition on the government website calling for tattoo equipment to be sold to registered tattoo artists only.

You can find it at:


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