Skin Deep 162

As a group of individuals all working in the same industry, tattooists are on the whole a very nice bunch of people. The tattooing profession may seem to many outsiders like a glamorous and glitzy lifestyle just chilling out in their studios tattooing, jetting off to foreign climes, working tattoo conventions and generally living life to the full.

What the public don’t often see are the very long hours tattooing; often bent over double wielding a heavy tattoo machine, burning the midnight oil preparing drawings for the following days appointments, having to deal with awkward customers and coming up with new and innovative designs as well as keeping their tattoo studios running as well as their every day lives.

The thing that amazes me about these guys is their generosity. Not a week goes by without me hearing about some tattooist somewhere who has selflessly giving up his or her precious time to help out with a worthy cause. The fact that many tattooists do these kind deeds with no thought for themselves just goes to show how many big hearted individuals there are in the tattooing world and I for one, applaud you all.

Following on from the above paragraph above one very kind tattooist by the name of Carl Cooke from Artful Ink in Durham has donated the proceeds from working all day at Tattoo Jam on the Sunday to help a young lady out who isn’t very well at the moment and needs a wheelchair, so Carl - entirely off his own back - decided to contribute to the wheelchair fund. I find that sort of selfless act very refreshing in this day and age where everyone seems to only want to help him or herself. 

Not so in the tattoo industry!

The only other group I know of that sticks together and helps each other out as much is the custom bike scene. Both wouldn’t think twice about helping a fellow artist/biker out when times are hard and I or one, am proud to work in such a giving industry.

Also Alan Dean and his crew from Tattoo UK are all tattooing for FREE all weekend. They didn’t have to do this but they chose too and that’s the kind of good-hearted gesture I have love from the many tattooists I have met over the years.

Hopefully by the time you read this Skin Deep’s first tattoo convention Tattoo Jam will be either in full swing or will have been and gone and we hope that you have or had a really good time. We have already started taking bookings for next year and plan to improve on this years show to create and even better tattoo experience for you all.


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