Skin Deep 164

sit here tired and exhausted but extremely happy as the dust from Skin Deep’s first ever tattoo convention is settling in the Venue Cymru. Well, what a weekend! 

We had some cracking weather and the crowds flocked in. Even though the show was slightly out of the way in North Wales, lots of folk made the effort to travel to Llandudno and celebrate tattooing with us, many of who walked away with some new ink to be proud of. Talking of being proud I am proud as punch (no pun intended) with the generosity and helpfulness of the people that helped and encouraged us to put this event on.

There are too many folk to name individually but you all know who you are and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Without you guys the show would not have been as smooth running and as much of a success as it was. Thank you again.

Next year we plan to do a few things differently and change a couple of things around but I can guarantee you that Tattoo Jam will be back next year over the first weekend of August in the Venue Cymru.

Put it in your diary for next year and see you there!

One of the overriding comments I received from the good burghers of Llandudno over the weekend was, ‘aren’t those tattooed people nice?’ Well, we all know that we are some of the nicest, intelligent and most articulate folk on the planet but it was nice to hear it from the hoteliers and restaurant owners.

All I spoke to said they are happy for us to go back next year, as we were all so polite.

This is very encouraging considering when we approached the Council in ‘Llan’ they were a little hesitant to have thousands of tattooed folk descend upon their picturesque town. I’m not too sure what they were expecting but all their fears were allayed.

Now while at Tattoo Jam I spoke to chap who told me of a very different story.

In Swansea there is a nightclub, one of a large chain of evening entertainment venues that has decided that anyone with, and I quote “a large and unsightly tattoo” will not be allowed entrance into the venue. Erm, what?

Blimey, and I though the stigma of tattoos was being reduced to a point where they were nearly (and I say nearly) acceptable in modern-day society?

This small-mindedness has caused uproar in Swansea to such an extent that there has been a Facebook Group created about this subject with over 1,700 joining the online group in five days.

Apparently those with full sleeves are being targeted the most but if you have a small, discrete tattoo you may pass the stringent door policy. The General Manager of the Oceana said: “There is nothing wrong with having a fashionable or discreet visible tattoo. However, those covered in unsightly tattoos should save time and not bother joining the queue.”

So there you have it, a full, well-rounded statement from the Oceana that tattooed people are all thugs and troublemakers. Try telling that to the residents of Llandudno who enjoyed out tattooed company the other weekend for Tattoo Jam - I’m sure you will get a completely different answer.

I say vote with your feet and find another nightclub to go to other than the Oceana on Greyfriars Road, Swansea.

In the same vein, a friend sent me an advert for a laser tattoo removal company showing a photograph of a stunning model wearing a ‘little black dress’ and pearls with two half sleeves of colourful tattoos with a slogan underneath saying “She wondered why she didn’t get the job...” this company is obviously implying that tattooed people can’t hold down a full time job and aren’t worth employing.

I hope that this company doesn’t get any business for this degrading view of tattooed folk and I hope that they get severely bitten by the hand that feeds them.


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