Skin Deep 172

Ever since man picked up a sharp implement and carved designs into a cave wall, he has found the need to communicate with others. Be it with hieroglyphs, signs, words or pictures, man carved, painted or sculpted a myriad of surfaces from trees, animal skins to stone tablets.

We as a race aren’t unique in communicating with others from the same species but we are when it comes to the written word. Ever since William Caxton brought the printing press to England, books started (albeit in a very small and slow way) to roll off the press and the masses began a long-lived love affair with the printed word.

Take a huge leap forward in time to today and there are literally thousand of magazine titles adorning the shelves of book stores, newsagents and the like. If there is a subject that you are interested in; no matter how obscure or extreme, you can pretty much guarantee there will be a magazine dedicated to it. Like tattoos.

I’m not too sure on the actual figure of tattoo magazines that are out there but rest assured there are quite a few, and part of my job as editor of one such title is to promote the Skin Deep title wherever I can. These days and with the help of modern technology, I can do this via the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Indeed there are some tattoo magazines that are purely ‘web-based’ and in these days of every increasing ‘eco-consciousness’ this is a good way to save paper and ultimately trees.

Skin Deep has taken this on board and each month you can now purchase a digital version of the magazine from This should help those in foreign climes to get the magazine at the same time it hits the shelves over here. It’s cheaper too!

We have all seen tattoo studios’ websites and other sites offering info on tattoos but last week we saw the birth of a new idea to celebrate skin art in the shape of a brand new interactive website called Tattoo.TV.

Tattoo TV is great new online tattoo community dedicated to the creativity of Tattoo Art ‘s industry professionals and the personalities that drive their work, as well as bringing together all the tattoo enthusiasts that play such a huge part in the collective tattoo culture. Tattoo TV is a site built by contributors with love, passion and respect for the industry and anyone can contribute based on these factors.

Largely video and film-based, the website seeks to publicise all other quality mediums of the tattoo craft including international conventions, established tattoo magazines, and tattoo websites of an ethical standing, as well as TV programs and films that promote the tattoo craft in a positive light.

The website has features such as a free online community with blogs, forums, creative galleries, contributory writing, photos, film and opinions. You can also watch some interesting interviews with tattooists, collectors (and magazine editors – ahem...).

Also included at Tattoo.TV are fully legal music videos of tattooed bands and artists such as Five Finger Death Punch, Tommy Lee, The Prodigy, Powersolo and others, as well as updates from tattoo magazines, conventions and tattoo news.

Have a peek at: to find out more.

I’m of the opinion that there will never be a replacement for the printed magazine, as it is something that is tangible and can be picked up instantly and browsed through at a moment’s notice (I can’t see many people taking a computer to the bathroom!) but sites like can only enhance our enjoyment of tattoos and tattooing.

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