Skin Deep 181

As I sit here writing this, it is still some weeks away from Christmas, such are my deadlines. But I can think forward to the sometimes awkward moments sitting around the Christmas table, either hiding the new tattoos from your family or there will be the happy times proudly showing off your latest addition to your ink collection.

I know when I go to see my mother I still get the raised eyebrows and the oft-used phrase, ‘What have you had done this time?’ She openly admits that she doesn’t like tattoos but can admire them for the artist’s ability that goes into producing a good quality tattoo. That’s one of the things I love about tattoos; the diversity of the reactions I get when I show folk my ink.

As that Christmas jumper starts to gather dust at the back of the cupboard and the bottle of aftershave gets used to top up the potpourri, I imagine many of you, like me, will be rubbing your hands together as the anticipation builds for when the first tattoo convention comes around. This year has to top the tables as far as UK shows are concerned. I have just been planning my forthcoming sojourns to this year’s shows and I can already see my weekends booked up well
in advance.

I can’t wait to get out and about and meet new people and ogle at their new ink. What does concern me however is the fact that with lots of the bigger shows such as London, Manchester, Tattoo Jam and others doing their best to bring in the bigger foreign artists, I get the distinct impression that the UK customs officers are getting wise to these guys entering our shore without the necessary paperwork, and the more officious amongst these customs officers, will do their best to send the artists back home, which will be a real shame as well as expensive for the artists themselves. Surely there has to be a way or a process that can be used to make these relatively short trips possible?

So it’s fingers crossed for our Atlantic cousins to make it over here this year...

One of the most encouraging things have seen in my tenure as editor is the gradual erosion of the what used to an impenetrable wall when it came to technical tattoo information. The ‘freedom of information act’ in tattooing seems to have moved onto a stage where I see many artists giving their hard-earned information freely to others, improving the tattoo industry no end; thus creating better end results for all of us, the wearers of their art. I hope to see this sharing of ideas and techniques not only between UK artists but between all tattooists worldwide increase and here’s hoping that 2010 sees that exchange of knowledge continue without stifling interference from influences outside of the industry.

As we have now seen the beginning of a new year I would like to start the year off by thanking all of you who buy and contribute to the magazine. We simply could not put Skin Deep and Skin Shots together without all the artists and collectors, so I must thank you all very much for your continued support and contributions to the magazines. Skin Deep would not be the best selling tattoo magazine without you sending in your tattoo photos. I am constantly astounded by the ideas and visions from you, the tattoo collectors, that are brought to life and interpreted by the artists, all of whom are constantly pushing the boundaries as to the styles and techniques used.

As we enter 2010, I am really excited to find and bring you the new and innovative tattoo images and artists for this year.

Here’s to 2010!



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