Skin Deep 189

I don’t know about you people but after Tattoo Jam this past weekend, we’re shattered!

On that very subject, can I say thank you to everybody involved who went into making it a success. We’ll be reporting on the event in a future issue but seriously, more hard work than should have been allowed went into organising the Jam this year and it showed. More artists, more events, more people through the door. This is everything we had hoped for when the concept was first born. Once again - thank you to everybody who turned up and made the event the success it was.

Moving on for the time being, this issue we bring you more skin from around the world in the shape of a special South American report - and it’s good to see that despite the gulfs of difference in our cultures, the basic requirement where tattoo art is concerned, remains the same. Highly personalised, highly professional good looking, clean work. This is a good sign. Looking back through the last few years of Skin Deep and taking a bird’s eye view on inking as a global art industry, it’s heart-warming to see tattooists and tattoo artists taking it upon themselves to continually improve the shape of our world in the eyes of those not yet acquainted.

Or as Billy Connolly once said, “It’s always great to see one more of us and one less of them” - or something like that, and I don’t think he was talking ink, but it’s a good quote all the same.

Flip to page 66 and you’ll find one of the finest examples of commitment to the art in the shape of Lepa. Not content with being naturally beautiful, the art she has on board will stop even the most sceptical of people. If you can’t appreciate what’s going on there, you simply don’t understand art in any form.

And then there’s Erich Weiss – a man whose love of the art has propelled him to spend countless hours in pursuit of the meaning behind another man’s career. Documenting as many twists and turns as he was able to find in Sailor Jerry’s life, Weiss brings us a fascinating movie worthy of both your time and money.

Rewind to a few weeks ago and you’ll find the first Reading convention going full steam ahead. Yet more good people committing themselves to furthering the cause. Some may say that there are too many conventions popping up all over the country at the moment, but that’s not true. So long as they are spaced evenly and in different regions, then it gives those who can’t afford to travel the world an opportunity to join in and for those who can, well, the sky’s the limit – and there really are people who will go to as many as humanly possible.

We think you’ll agree when we say that if there’s one thing Skin Deep achieves every issue, it’s that we’re pretty damn good at cataloguing this ever growing fascination and love of collecting a truly unique kind of art. Some don’t understand why we do it, but then, they never will until they too are indoctrinated with the needle.

And there you have it - another snapshot of the world in ink in a handy sized format. Next month – changes are afoot, we’re very excited and probably need to get out more!

-David Gamble

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