Skin Deep 194

I’ve gotten it into my head that I want a Great Dane. I haven’t owned a dog in about 10 years but once you’ve had a dog, all the time that you haven’t got one, there’s a big hole in your life where that dog used to be. It’s either a Great Dane or an Irish Wolfhound, but I’m erring on the side of the Dane due to its non-abundance of hair. I’ve always had hairy dogs in the past and I just don’t have the time for both hair maintenance and exercise any more. This seems like sound logic to me. 

I’ve told a fair few people about this intention and they all say the same sort of lame-ass thing: “it’s a big responsibility to take on a dog like that”, “they don’t live very long you know”, “they’re very clumsy”... The list goes on. All from people who, to the best of my knowledge, have never actually owned a Great Dane for themselves. I don’t much like little dogs and I certainly don’t want one that I can carry around like a book.

This is pretty much basically the same conversation that I’ve been having about my intended back-piece, with a few subtle differences obviously, but both will go ahead as planned. Both have been thought about too long and too hard to be changing my mind now.

Both of these pose me some little problems though. Do I get the dog as a puppy or do I get one from a rescue centre? The odds on finding a Dane at a rescue centre are probably slim - especially a young one (preferably without learning difficulties!). The back piece has a different set of problems - not so much the ‘what’, as that’s all taken care of. No, that little dilemma is filed under “who”. It’s not like I can’t name 20 artists off the top of my head who I would be totally happy to hand it over to, but rather which do I choose to put their own artistic slant on the concept. Each come with their own set of positives and thankfully no negatives at all bar the distance involved and that age old nugget - time.

I think I shall give both a few months grace while I chew it over some more. The dog mostly because by the time March/April comes around, it should have stopped raining/snowing/being -7° and he can be trained normally. The back-piece? So as I can start crossing artists off my shortlist with some degree of confidence that they’ll be leaving my list for all the right reasons. Likewise, it won’t be so cold to sleep with no covers on. There’s nothing worse than waking up being stuck to the sheet - apart from maybe waking up stuck to a sheet with a big dog lying next to you that wants some food.

Still, as my mother would say, “if that’s all you’ve got to worry about, life must be pretty good.”

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