Skin Deep 196

You ever get home from work and the second your key is in the door, your kids/pets run to meet you - not because they’ve missed you and love you “oh, so much” but rather because they want something? (Sorry. No matter how I try, I can’t get that to be relevant if you haven’t got a house, kids or any pets. Just roll with it…)

That’s what it was like when we got back from Tattoo Freeze. Monday morning, the van was emptied and stuff was put away, the kettle was boiled - and we promptly sat down to talk about Tattoo Jam. August seems like months away but in an organisational time-frame, it’s pretty much around the corner. In fact, there’s only five more issues of Skin Deep to go. That’s like… 10 sleeps!  The artist list for the Jam should be released reasonably soon - watch out for it over on Big Tattoo Planet. And before you ask, tickets are on sale already but if you’re a regular reader of the mag, consider taking out a subscription and trying to bag yourself one of the Golden Tickets we’ve got kicking about. That’s a mighty fine prize on offer...

So... talking of Golden Tickets (yep, chocolate - there’s the link), I was in two different locations of everybody’s favourite high street newsagent this afternoon and two things happened. In the first, I was picking my way through the non-tattoo magazines looking for some of my regulars, when a guy came over and picked up Skin Deep, looked at me, walked off, walked back, stared a little... had I been recognised? Quite possibly. I was half hoping that he was going to ask me lots of questions but maybe he thought better of it. Maybe I should have had a shave and looked more like me. Maybe he just wondered why I was staring at him. That would be good market research though, huh - lurking in the stores and pouncing on people. It’s been done before.

In the other store, I was doing pretty much the same thing - checking out where they had decided to stash the latest issue and in this one I found it on the top shelf (previous store was down at ankle level), along with the “adult” materials. Next to me were three girls - all maybe about 16/17 - looking up at the out of reach top shelf and none being able to pull a copy down due to a) height and b) some embarrassment at close proximity of Club International. One of them asked out loud - but to nobody particular - whether you had to be 18 to buy a tattoo magazine. I’ve got to admit, it gave me pause for thought for a moment. The answer is no, you most certainly don’t but I guess you could be forgiven for thinking that in a “guilt by association” kind of way. 

So what did we learn this week? Don’t smile at strangers. Don’t be enthusiastic about something that’s months away or people will give you things to do and finally, if you’re a bit on the short side and have a close friend of the same height, get yourself a long Torchwood-style coat, sit on your friends shoulders, button the coat up and you’ll be able to buy anything you want without shame.

A false moustache or beard can also be a nice touch.


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