Skin Deep 197

Let’s get some facts straight around here. No, I didn’t watch Holby City this week. For the rest of you that also have the remnants of a life and missed it, as far as I can gather, somebody on the show was spotted reading the Hallowe’en issue of Skin Deep while waiting to have their face glued back on... or whatever it is they do on the show these days. I haven’t watched Holby City for years. Am I missing something special?

It’s great to see the BBC spending their money on proper things this week after wasting however much it cost on that Mr. Clarkson stunt but to be honest, they should have called me up. I would - and still will - send them all the copies of the mag that they’ll ever need so long as they promise to put the money they save into serious projects. 

For serious projects, you can read “extra monsters in Doctor Who”. 

Oh yeah... it’s that time of year again when, come early Saturday evening, the world loses me, certain other members of the SD crew, the entire staff at Flaming Gun and probably one or two others as well. If you’re out there, make yourselves known! If any of you artists or readers have got some killer Doctor Who skin art, bring it right on! I feel a feature coming together - maybe we can get our combined selves a little spot in Who Confidential. If we can get enough of it together, we might even be able to make a cool supplement out of it.

Believe me, it’s a far superior idea than collecting together tattoos of cabbages, which is an idea that Dee tried to tempt me with - if you do happen to have a tattoo of a cabbage, you can send it straight to her - I want nothing to do with it.

On a different subject entirely, LVC Radio (those nice people who tried to outfox me early in the morning a few months back) just called me up to see if I wanted to be on their afternoon show to discuss and I quote: “I’m sorry, it’s another bad news tattoo story” - their researcher then went on to explain it was about an underage girl getting a “100% Welsh Lamb” tattoo on her butt and her mum not being happy. You know what, I probably wouldn’t be too happy if one of my kids came home with that either, but I wouldn’t go all Jeremy Kyle about it. Isn’t that more about how you raise your kids than the tattoo industry? So on those, grounds, you’re gonna have to do the show without me I’m afraid.

You know what I would like? If just for once, we make it good news tattoo story. Like Ink For Heroes? Like all the money our community have collectively raised for the crisis in Japan this week alone? Like a thousand other good causes we’re collectively involved in that nobody in the mainstream media seems to pay attention to? 

They weren’t much interested in that though. Neither were they much interested in my theories on Omega in the whole Doctor Who story arc but I would put good money on them being all over the cabbage thing.


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