Skin Deep 199

A new concept made itself known to me this week. Tattoo dating. As far as I can gather (I haven’t delved into it that deep), it’s an internet concept based on single people (or not) looking for other single people (again, or not) who have tattoos and are looking for lurve. Sad to say, I’ve always been quite derisive of internet dating but genre internet dating? I guess there really is something for everybody on the web these days. 

Whatever happened to going out of the house? What happened to chatting with people at conventions - it’s not like anybody with an interest in tattoos is short of places to hang out these days is it? I’m not entirely convinced that having a tattoo will make anybody a better prospect than they would be without one. It might be an ice-breaker for five minutes but if anybody was interested in my ink for more than those five minutes, I’d start to worry. A lot. This has now become the territory of rabbits and pots.

Still - mine is not to reason why, mine is just to point the finger and ask ‘why?’ The only place that this can lead to next is tattoo speed dating, where you base your future partner on the basis of a ten second look at their ink. Then again, I know people who have made more serious life choices based on far less than this...

We’ve come to an end of an era here at Skin Deep. This, being issue 199, means that just around the corner is issue 200 - and it’s time to regenerate. From next issue, we’ll look different in just about every way imaginable - and yet, we’ll still be instantly recognisable on the shelf. We’ll also be changing on the inside too, not drastically, but enough so that you’ll notice it for sure - we’ve got some new writers coming on board so that we can add some extra dimensions to what we do, some new photographers waiting in the wings and most importantly, some new ideas.

A couple of months ago, one of my favourite magazines (SFX) got itself a redesign and I absolutely hated it. Two issues on from that, I’ve gotten used it to the point that I can’t actually remember what it used to look like before. That always happens with magazine redesigns but I hope you like it. There’s an awful lot of thought and hard work gone into it. What you should be satisfied about without question is a serious increase in pages for the same price. 

Anyway, we can talk about that for weeks and weeks on end in the future - and I’m sure we will. 

Finally - I’d like to throw something out at y’all. Pain. Blank people are always interested in how much getting tattooed hurts. Non-blank people are forever trying to fathom which part of the body is most painful to have worked - but I have a new thread for you. Last week, after far too many months of inactivity, I went back to my ju-jitsu club only to get injured yet again. Nobody’s fault - just one of those things that comes with the territory. I was helping out being a fall guy for a new kid in the class and I was simply too heavy for him and he dropped all 14 stone of me square on my shoulder. Blew it right out. On my pain-o-meter, it ranks up there at the top. I would rather sit a seven hour session than go through that again. No tattoo has ever made me cry, but that did. Anyway, I say this to be illustrative and to throw the ball out there. Between us, let’s compile a chart of “stuff that really hurts”. Mail ‘em in. You know where I am.

For now... be cool to each other.

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