Skin Deep 203

The events that follow seem like months and months ago, but now I check my calendar, I see it is only a few weeks.

Once upon a time, my sister told everybody she liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Consequently, every birthday and Christmas that ever came around after that, she got ‘Buffy-stuff’ until she was sick to death of it. People should be careful what they say they like. At some point in time, I must have said I liked doing radio because on the Friday morning of Tattoo Jam, I was awakened from my beauty sleep yet again (much needed) by a research crew – this time with Nicky Campbell at Radio Five Live – wanting to talk ink live on air.

By some sleight of hand, they also pulled Darryl Gates (Diamond Jacks) into the studio. I was filled with hope. With two of us who knew what we were talking about, how wrong could it go? Well, they could have found the worst horror stories known to man, ensured all the callers had taken a glancing blow from a bus in the last five days, encouraged them in the worst way imaginable and locked both Darryl and myself out of the broadcast.

Which they did.

My favourite waste of time was the guy who thought getting tattooed was a terrible idea because his girlfriend had one on her back and when she came downstairs for a night out in a new dress, she was ‘ruined’ because her tattoo was now visible and didn’t go with the outfit. I was a bit pissed off with the way the show was shaping up by then, so I apologise to all concerned for suggesting he simply get himself a new girlfriend if it was that important to him.

It was only when David from the Jam-attending Graffiti Life crew called in himself to help out, that we started to get the message across, but I get the feeling they achieved their ‘talk-radio’ goal all the same. Disappointing.

Which rather prompts the question, is all publicity good publicity? Well, anybody with a brain in their head could see exactly how this had been engineered before we even began, so yes of course it is. I just expected more from a respected radio presenter who had been in the game that long. We all make mistakes in life Mr Premier Inn.



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